Feeding the Animals at Twycross Zoo

The Area 9 Environment team helped to give animals at a local zoo a balanced diet by donating vegetation and tree cuttings from an environmental improvement scheme.


The team worked on a site on the A5 at Atherstone that was chosen as an area of improvement under Highways England’s Environmental Designed Fund (EDF).


Katie Owen, landscape manager, has been working with Mat Liptovszky, head of life sciences at Twycross and our delivery partner Camps Highways, to organise delivery of the vegetation waste to the Twycross Zoo. The zoo initially got in touch to ask if we could donate waste vegetation or anything that could be used as play equipment.


The arrangement benefitted everybody; Camps had less material to dispose of, the zoo had access to a plentiful resource which they wouldn’t usually and we were able to deliver on our social value commitment.

Twycross zoo.png

The branches were used to feed the giraffes. They are hung high so the animals must reach up as they would in the wild. The giraffes eat the bark as part of a natural diet and then the sticks that are left are used elsewhere around the zoo so no waste at all.


There is an extensive programme of works underway in Area 9 covering many areas such as landscape. This scheme consisted of vegetation removal before planting of more appropriate species to screen residents from road impacts. Area 9 hopes to design and deliver many more of these improvement projects in the future.

Kier Highways