We have extensive experience in both general and invasive/noxious weed control, offer management strategies that can include chemical application and/or manual removal.  Our operatives are experienced in applying herbicides in urban and rural environments, are very conscientious in their work and careful of their surroundings.


We can provide noxious/invasive weed control regimes for:

  • Japanese Knotweed

  • Himalayan Balsam

  • Ragwort

  • Giant Hogweed

  • Mares-Tail

  • Horsetail


We have a keen knowledge of a variety of chemicals such as:

  • Round Up Probiactive

  • Discman

  • Glymark

  • Gallup Hi-Aktiv

  • Frontsweep

  • Synero


We are able to offer chemical spraying with:

  • CDA units

  • Knapsacks

  • Quad bike mounted equipment

  • Vehicle mounted equipment



For total herbicide application or selective herbicide application, for street kerb spraying, block paving spraying, street furniture spraying, barrier spraying and central reservations spraying.

We have just completed the weed kill contract in Hampshire for Skanska.

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